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    hi Julia!!

    i read that you realy love the czech republic and ik can share that feeling with you. i have been there all over the country. i am now 25 years old and my friends they all go to spain and countrys like that but i dont want to because i am so deeply in love with the czech republic that i will be there many more times. i am just one month back now in holland but in december i will be in praque again because between christmas and new year the whole city is coverd by little lights and the feeling you wil get in the winter over there is realy great! now i have meet a great czech girl and i realy want to go back soon, but i have to learn a littel of the language first so thats also why i am here on this site. now you know that i realy love czech and its nice people and food. i hope i will speak to you again sometime

    greetings Martin from holland
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    Hello Julia, I am looking forward to visiting the Czech Republic and would like to know if its necessay to speak some czech while your there as a visitor?? I have read a lot of the customs of the Czech people and the traditions and the historical background from during the comusnist times to the present. I have a few friends from Pargue and they recomend that area for me to visit. Can you give me any more hints, that I might use? Hope to be there in a few months....Good luck to you column. Jesse

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