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    Hi, I'm so glad to have discovered this Message Board. My wife and I will be flying into Vienna but then we need to get to Prague the same day. Can anyone help us with the best way to the train station and also whether the Czech Republic trains run to Vienna. I'm interested in doing a fair bit of train travel in the Czech Republic so I was hoping to get the kilometrická banka (literally "kilometer bank") that is sold for 1600 CZK and gives you 2000 kilometers of train travel. Any help and advice will be much appreciated.


    Chuck :D
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    Don't worry, it's super easy. My husband and I took the train from Prague to Vienna in March. We boared the train in Vienna at Wein Subanhof (I hope I"m spelling that right!) and it was direct to Prague. I believe a train leaves every 2 hours.
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    Of course, there are even direct trains.

    I'm not sure wether you can get it in Austria and wether it apllies to the trains out of the Czech Republic. Look at the site of the Czech Railroads (Czech, English)

    There is a special eTicket for the trains from Prague to Viena for 19 €, but it doesn't apply for the opposite direction.

    See the offer of the ÖBB.

    It is Wien Südbahnhof (or Suedbahnhof in alternative spelling).
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    Thanks so much for the responses they are very helpful :)

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