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Discussion in 'General Language' started by PartCzech, Dec 11, 1999.

  1. PartCzech

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    I'm 13 years old and I'm studying the Czech language.My mom said that the sooner I start the better chance I'll have it down pat if i keep it up.It's very HARD.I've visited LocalLingo's Czech Lessons page,but I need more words to helpe me out.If any one can help,E-mail me.PLZ!!!Yes,I find LocalLingo Czech lessons VERY helpful.I learned how to say thank you the right way.I even printed the lessons out to help me also.

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  2. Dana

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    Your mom is right when she says that the sooner you start learning a language, the better. And you are right in saying that the Czech language is hard. It doesn't mean though that you can't learn to speak it, especially if you're only 13. Please tell us if you found Local Lingo's Czech lessons helpful and how we can improve them to make your learning easier!
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    Part Czech, keep on with that language. My daughter is now sorry she didn't learn from her Czech born father when she was your age and is finding it so much harder now she is in her 20s. I learnt a bit when I was that age too, now I am going to check out the locallingo Czech lessons. It could be just what we need.
  4. Anonymous

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    These people are right. Dont give up. Although Slavic languages are very different from Germanic or Romance languages, it is very possible to learn. Im 15, and I know noun declension moderatley well, and am working on conjugation. Also, Im doing this entirely on my own. No pressure from any of my family. Ill bet it helps if you know someone who speaks it. Id recomend going to your library and getting a book on Czech. A dictionary is also very helpful. Tell me how much you know so far. Can you pronounce the words fairly well yet?
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    This is a general reply. I've found my local libraries to be very helpful. They have language cassettes available for free rental. The best one is (if you can find it) called "the Pimsleur Method". It really helps you pronounce and remember the Czech language.
    It is difficult (I'm just starting), but I'm trying to impress a woman from the Czech Republic [​IMG]) Bruce.

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