Help with a song translation please!

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by BadMrFrosty, Oct 2, 2005.

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    Hi guys,

    Would someone be so kind as to translate this song I wrote for my girlfriend into Czech? I know it`s a little long so just a few verse`s or the chorus would be great if you don`t have time for the whole thing.


    VERSE 1:

    Oh, what can we do?
    When the way I feel just can`t be overuled
    I waking up to the news
    Theres nothing out there that I would`nt do for you

    VERSE 2:

    The Smile on my face
    Its there whenever my mind drifts to your grace
    Youre perfect in every way
    I`m stuck in the moment whenever I hear you say


    Oh my darling, the light of my life
    Oh my baby, without you i could`nt survive
    When I`m with you, I feel so free
    Like a bird in the sky or a fish in the sea

    VERSE 3:

    That night we first met
    You touched my soul in ways i did`nt expect
    I want to get it through
    There`s nothing in the world i would`nt do for you


    VERSE 4:

    My little gold sun
    You are my angel and my devil all rolled into one
    I`m breaking my own rules
    There`s really nothing in the world i would`nt do for you
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    I would send her the english version. If I were your gf, I would be more pleased with the english version than translated (especially if you didn't translate it). I think that she speaks English, so it shouldn't be problem.
    It's very hard to translate song, it's not only translation, you need to re-poet it.

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