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  1. Hi everyone! :)
    I am taking my first political science class on Eastern Europe (a fourth year course at undergraduate level), which mainly focuses on the politics of transition after World War I to the present day. (I'd like to focus between 1944-1989.)

    Because this is my first political science class, I am having a bit of trouble coming up with an essay topic for my class. Do any of you have any suggestions on topics I could look into for a potential paper topic?

    I am the most interested in Czech studies (already taking the language, love the culture) - so I would like to center my topic around Czech events during this time period...

    I was thinking something about the Prague Spring or Charter 77...

    Any suggestions? I thank all of you in advance!
  2. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Central Europe, as long as the Czech Republic is concerned. :wink:

    You can find a lot of information on the Prague Spring and Charta 77 in English, but I consider this topic a little ordinary. In addition, most of the English works are left biased.

    I would prefer something less known abroad. What about the 1953 monetary reform and related anti-communistic riots in Czechoslovakia?
  3. fabik317

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    thanks for suggesting the topic wer, not that i needed to research it but nobody ever mentions the currency reform and i feel it would be useful to know something more about it.

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