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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Jonboy, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Dobry den, would Jana (or someone), kindly translate once again, an email message I have received from Kadan Archives.
    I had asked them if it was possible for me to get a copy of a Marraige certificate from them when I visit Kadan in June this year and also where the Cemetery may be.

    Rodne, svatebni i umrtní listy po roce 1900 jsou v Ceske republice v matricnich uradech podle mista narozeni, snatku a umrti. Pokud jde o oddaci list Igantze a Marie Kolitschovych, musite se tedy obratit na mestsky urad v Abrtamech. Je to mozne tak ucinit i dopisem.

    Manzele Kolitschovi nebyli pravdepodobne pohrbeni v Kadani. Jiste je to u Marie Kolitschove (+ 1934). V evidenci pohrbenych na hrbitove v Kadani, vedene od roku 1928, není totiz jeji jmeno uvedeno.

    Thank You in advance,
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    Birth, marriage and death certificates dated after 1900 are kept at register offices in CR according to the place of birth, marriage or death. As far as the marriage certificate of Ignatz and Marie Kolitsch is concerned, you will have to contact the city hall office in Abrtamy. You can send them a letter.
    Probably, Mr. and Mrs. Kolitsch were not buried in Kadan. This is certain in case of Marie Kolitsch (Kolitschova) (+1934), as her name is not included in the list of persons buried on the cemetary of Kadan (the evidence kept since 1928).
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    Hi Jana and thank you once again for translating my message from Kadan Archives. I now have another question, which is, was it usual for someone to be buried in a different town to where they lived ? I know Marie was born in Vienna, but that seems a long way to be taken to be buried when they both lived in Kadan. (Info from the first translation you did for me from Kadan Archives - see 27th October 05)
    Also her husband Ignatz Kolitsch died in 1926 in Kadan, how do I find evidence of where Ignatz was also buried ?
    Once again Thanks for your help, kind regards jonboy

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