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    Dobre Den!
    As you can tell by my name I like hockey.Czech players make up most of my favorites. I have been studying the Czech language since March and It is a lot of fun but very hard to do on your own. I have CDs, PC games, books, a dictionary or 2 but still need the occational translation. I like to learn phrases to practice to say to our local NHL's team members. I haven't gotten the guts to do it yet but I did make a sign for a playoff game last spring. Which caused one of our czechs to do a double take, and smile.But, it is hard to form sentences because they don't translate correctly and I don't want be be viewed as a major dork! :oops: I am very interested in learning anything about the czech culture, language and of course Hockey! So I am pleased to be here and look foward to talking with you all.

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