Discussion in 'Sports' started by frosken, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. frosken

    frosken Member

    Hi gang,

    I know that the playoffs are starting soon...

    Any idea when Slavia or Sparta will play next week?

    I'm arriving on the 12th and I think it is a MUST that I check out a Czech Extraliga hockey game!

    Thanks for all your help!

  2. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    Take a look at
    for Slavia or
    for Sparta.
    Slavia plays in the new Sazka Arena - a beautiful place and
    Sparta plays at T-Mobile Arena - older but with its own special charm

    I always try to see a hockey game when in Prague - lots of excitement and a wonderful evening overall.

    You may be able to see some playoff games but it looks like the end of hte season may be March 9 (the two teams play each othe at Sazka Areana) - look at zápasy for the schedule.

    Hope you get to see a game.

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