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  1. michal7

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    Can someone clarify what word one uses for:
    a day off
    a public holiday
    free time

  2. gementricxs

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    a day off - dovolená (e.g. V sobotu mám dovolenou. - I have a day off on Saturday.) This one is used only for day off at work.

    a public holiday
    - státní svátek (e.g. V pondělí je státní svátek, proto nejdu do práce. - There's a public holiday on Monday, so I don't go to work.)

    vacation - dovolená (e.g. V létě budu mít dvoutýdenní dovolenou. - I will have two-week vacation in summer.)

    vacation - prázdniny (e.g. Celé léto máme prázdniny. - We have a vacation all summer.) This one is used only with schools. All the breaks in school are called prázdniny and kids even don't distinguish whether it's vacation or bank holiday, it's just always called prázdniny
    e.g. jarní prázdniny (spring school berak), letní prázdniny(summer school break - 2 month -July and August), zimní prázdniny (winter school break)

    free time - volný čas (e.g. Ve svém volném čase chodím často bruslit - I often go roller blading in my free time)

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