Hope this doesn't come back and bite -or shoot- your troops

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    Did anyone see this? It was on the Radio Prague site daily news a few days ago:

    Donated firearms, uniforms, to be used to protect Iraqi cultural sites

    The Czech Republic and Iraq have signed an agreement on a Czech donation
    of military firearms as well as uniforms to be used by Iraqis in the
    protection of significant cultural sites. The agreement, signed by the
    Czech defence minister and the Iraqi ambassador to Prague, will see some
    1,500 submachine guns, 50 machine guns, and 1,500 uniforms no longer in
    use by the Czech Army, to be donated for Iraqi personnel to guard sites
    have been subject to heavy looting and damages since the outbreak of war
    in Iraq. The donated material is expected to reach Iraq in several weeks
    in a transport delivery organised by NATO. The Iraqi government has
    classified the donation as "humanitarian" rather than military.

    In total the Czech government has put forward some 78 million US dollars
    in recent years towards the reconstruction of Iraq, funds used in
    humanitarian aid, the running of a Czech field hospital in Basra, and the
    training of Iraqi police.


    Lets hope those nice insurgents dont overpower the nice cultural guards and take all those munitions. Perhaps i'm reading it differently to the powers that be who authorised this, but i thought it was a pretty lawless place out there. The uniforms would come in real handy......


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