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    I was told a story when I was small, about a Hosterman (not sure of spelling) and it lived by the pond. If you would get to close, he would pull you in.
    I am sure we were told this so we would stay away from the waters edge and not fall in and drown.
    Anyone know the whole story?
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    Proper czech word is "Vodník" (aka Hastrman, from german Wasserman (lit. Waterman), usually translated to english as Water-goblin).

    There is no single story, it is typical mythological creaturea as elf, fairy...

    Most famous story is from Karel Jaromír Erben, poem in the book "Kytice", english translation can be found for example here: ... er-goblin/

    Most famous story abroad where water-goblin has significant role is "Rusalka", opera by Antonín Dvořák, based on work of above mentioned Karel Jaromír Erben, and another famous czech fairy-tales writer (or rather collector), Božena Němcová.

    There also are modern water-goblin stories, like:

    When the word "vodník" is said, usually some of Josef Lada's pictures is what people have on mind:

  3. baskets

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    thanks for the info.

    I never knew the foundation of the story, but I knew there had to be one. Not like any parent or grandparent would make up a story, to get their children to listen....... My Ba Ba had a pond next to the homestead, and always threatened that the Hastermann was watching and we shouldn't get to close.
    Other than what you posted, is there any books that speak of different folklores or fairytales that were told to the children?

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