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    Hi,hope someone can help me.Have booked up to go to Prague with my girlfriend at the end of February and we are staying at the Hotel Stirka which i believe is about 5 minutes away from the Kobylisy metro,i think?
    Can someone please tell me what is the easiest way to get there using public transport fron the Airport.I should be landing about 7 in the evening.Many Thanks
  2. Karel_lerak

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    Use this link and give as "From"="terminál sever 1" and "To"= "Ke Stírce" or "Okrouhlická". You get complete connection for the time you need. I f you take the taxi, it should cost about 500 Kčs, the best ist to call a phone taxi, eg. AAA (14014) or Citytaxi (257257257). In mobile phone the prefix for CR is +420. Hotel Stírka on the map, the nearest tram station is "Okrouhlická".
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    For the public transport you will need a one way ticket for 20 Kčs, you have to buy it before you enter the bus, either in a slot-machine at the bus station (using 1 Kčs-20 Kčs coins) or in a newspaper kiosk at the airport. Another possibility is to buy tickets for longer period:
    Jízdenka na 24 hodin 80,- Kč
    Jízdenka na 3 dny (72 hodin) 220,- Kč
    Jízdenka na 7 dní (168 hodin) 280,- Kč
    Jízdenka na 15 dní (360 hodin) 320,- Kč
    see Dopravní podnik Praha
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    Cheers mate,much appriciated.There is only one Milan Baros!!
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    This is a remarkably useful site! I joined as a member less than five minutes ago and already I find this very pertinent piece of advice. A group of four from Finland are visiting Prague starting March 1st and we're also staying at the Stirka!
    We arrive so early that we intend taking the 119 to Dejvická metro and spending a couple of hours over lunch in the centre before checking in at the hotel.
    Maybe we'll even run into Villaturk! Perhaps we should have badges made so we can recognise each other!
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