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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by mayloo, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. mayloo

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    Hi guys,
    how would you translate 'studentsku praxe' end 'studijni jazykovy pobyt' to english.

  2. Karel

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    studentska praxe:

    The quick and dirty translation would be student training, but that`s probably far from being clear. (I wouldn:t be able to tell what studentska praxe means if I hadn`t gone through it)

    In my case, studenstka praxe entailed working in my high school`s workshops, turning on a lathe, welding etc. a kind of apprentice training. Then it was all about programming Assembler, Pascal etc., which was job-related training or vocational training. In a way, it was hands-on/practical training. Quite unable to give a clear-cut translation encapsulating all of it..

    studijni jazykovy pobyt:

    A six-month general English course in Santa Barbara, CA, USA, for instance.

  3. mayloo

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    Hi Karel,
    thanks very much. You've been very helpful.
    M. :D

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