I asked this along time ago,,,,,,(Diesel Engine Work)

Discussion in 'Business' started by The Animal, Mar 1, 2010.

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    To můj friends here who have always susported me, děkuji mnohokrát.

    I miss můj czech child hood, chtěl bych to move to CZ, and work on Diesel Engines.
    Are there diesel engines in the boats going up and down the vltava, there in Prague?

    Vím there are Diesel engines somewhere there. Just has to be. Automotive, trucks, boats, generators etc.

    Is there any drilling rigs there drilling for oil ? The engines would need to be repaired.

    If I could find a job já could move there. Jsem cech, I want to be surrounded by the cz culture. Just like it was while growing up along time ago while visting můj grandmother, and listening to czech muzica and czech family.
    Out of all of můj czech cousins here they are not learning cěsky like me, or trying to. I would like to be self employed there, like jsem tady.

    Any ideas prosím vás commet. Right now I just feel like I need to move there. I would be surounded by cěsky it would make it easier to learn, jsem struggling to learn cěsky tady. I have dobře friends over the whole world trying to help me learn.

    Děkuji to all of můj friends tady, yall have always been susportive to everyone. Again z the bottom of můj heart Děkuji mnohokrát. :wink:

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