i find a indeed friend ....

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tereda_2010, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. tereda_2010

    tereda_2010 New Member

    :p Hi there !
    I am going to Czech to study . I hope that i will have many new friends . and U r one of them . :lol:
    Thank u for reading my topic and hope that u will reply .
    have a good time

    A girl from Vietnam
  2. Gintare

    Gintare New Member

    Hi :)
    I will be also in praha as socrate/erasmus student during this winter semester. We could help each other...
  3. tereda_2010

    tereda_2010 New Member

    Hi Ginrate !
    How r u ? is veverything okei ? May the God be with you !
    Iam very .... :D when receiving your reply . Thank u very much , you r really kind . I also sent priviate message to u . Hope that will some reply to this topic !
    Best wishes for all members and guests in this forum !
  4. hoahongoslo

    hoahongoslo New Member

    Hi tereda...nice to meet yu. Where will yu learn in Czech...Brno or Prague and when will yr be in Cr??? Have y known any Vietnamese students in Cr yet???? Well well ...goodluck to yu, tereda.
  5. tereda_2010

    tereda_2010 New Member

    Dear hoahongoslo !
    I think that u r Vietnamese person in Czech . right or wrong ? if right thanks God ! I am sorry that i don't know any Vietnamese person in Czech . Now i'm looking for...
    May be i will study in Prague university or Ostrava university . I hope that u can help me something .
    Keep in touch with me okei ?
    P.s : what's your name ? Mine is Hien . Nice to meet u !

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