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    Hi. I come from the Czech Republic from district of Bile Karpaty, concretely from village Popov (near Valasske Klobouky near the Slovak border).I have been searching for Jan Pindak´s family in USA (in Illinois) for a long time, but to no end. Now I would like to describe him (Jan) and tell you something about his destiny both here in the Czech Republic and in USA. I hope, that somebody of you help me to find his family in Illinois. Maybe some of you know them. That´s why I please....help me to find my ancestors in America.

    Jan Pindak is uncle of my grandmother Mary (she is living in Popov all the time). She was retailing me his story and showing me some photos of her uncle Jan and his whole family. It was very interesting and exciting.

    Jan had brother Josef (who died 10 years ago), sister Anastazia (who died 16 years ago and was mother of my grandma Mary and my great-grandmother) and little brother Josef who had died when was young (I don´t know when, maybe at birth). They all lived in Popov in house number 75. Jan´s father, was called Jan too, left for USA in the early 20th century and found some work. He stayed till the twenties when he returned to home because his wife Terezie (Jan´s, Josef´s and Anastazie´s mother) was too ill (then she died-in 1937).

    It was the time when get from the Czech Republic to USA was still possible, that´s why he fit out his son Jan to America. It was one of the last chances to get into the USA therefore Jan took advantage of it. He didn´t want to do it but to not disappoint his father, he had to do it. It was in 1922 and Jan was 16 years old!! Jan domesticated in America...he lived in Illinois together with other czech and moravian people. In a little time he had married pretty girl Anna, who was born and lived in America, but her parents came from the Czech Republic (maybe from Prague). Jan and Anna had a child Jana (in english maybe Jane). Jan sent to the Czech republic 2 letters: the first one included information about his wedding (wedding-card with photo) and the second one included photo of little Jana.

    Then we got knowledge, that Jan died from a cancer...he was about 60 years old. What´s happened to his wife Anna or his daughter Jana we don´t know.
    I would like find out some facts and information about them...if they are still living, have families, their destiny and so on. It´s our family and I hope that one time we find out them :)
    I hope that you could help me eventually put on to them. I´d be very grateful to you. Please help me and my family to find out our ancestors.
    My grandma has a few photos and mainly memories...to her uncle and uncle´s family (his mother, his sister and brother). My grandma is his niece and is still living in Popov in house number 73 opposite the house, where Jan and his family once lived.
    Once more I very thank you and hope you help me with the researching.
    Mirka, great-granddaughter of Jan´s sister Anastazie
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    I did a quick search in http://www.whitepages.com and found a few Pindak's in Illinois. I also did a quick search on http://www.ancestry.com and found that many Pindak's lived in Chicago. Perhaps this narrows things down some, or perhaps can give you phone number to try contacting people here. Also you might try The Czech & Slovak American
    Genealogy Society of Illinois
    . They are probably more used to helping Americans find their Czech roots, than the opposite, but they may have some more suggestions.

    Note also, that I found a death record of a John Pindak in the Social Security Death Index that matches your (younger) Jan quite well (b. 1905, died 1969). I'm not sure if this will be much help, but for what it's worth.
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    Perhaps the

    T G Masaryk Czech School
    (708) 656-9810
    5701 W 22nd Pl
    Cicero, IL Map

    might have some records or be able to be of some help. I was told many older czech actually attended grammar school there.
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    Thank you so much all of them!!! I try to write there... :D thanks thanks!!!
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    I'm one of the Pindaks from Illinois. My Uncle John died in 1969, so no, that's not Jan's family. but I think we can help each other maybe filling in cousins...:)

    We're from the Harry (Lahorie? sp) and Anna Pindak part of the clan. Grandfather Harry's uncle, who was an MD at the turn of the century arranged passage for Anna (who then went by Annie, because there was another, older Anna in the family) to come through Ellis Island. Harry joined his bride in Chicago about 6 months later, also coming thru Ellis Island.

    In my research on my family, I have found Pindaks in the Cicero area (suburb not too far south of Chicago city proper, where we grew up). and I keep stumbling across a Jan Pindak that is about the age you mention. (funny, my name is Janet...and I thought my parents picked it out of the blue...)

    Please contact me, and I will share what I have found...


    your maybe distant cousin, Janet

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