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Discussion in 'General Language' started by Usal, Apr 17, 2005.

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    I just wanted to let everyone that would like to hear spoken Czech by native speakers a great site that I believe is listed on MyCzechRepublic.com. It is: Česká Televize. I am a beginning learner of Czech and I live in the US. The only time I get to hear actual spoken Czech is when I call my girlfriend and we just speak briefly in Czech. On the site are news reports, commercials and other television shows. I have begun to pick up a word or phrase that I actually understand and to hear it spoken and to recognize it not only reenforces what I have learned but boosts my confidence that I can learn the language. The site is also written in Czech so if there is a word I don't know I look it up in my dictionary and expand my vocabulary. Be warned, I believe you need a broadband connection to view the streaming videos on the site. Hope this helps someone in learning Czech, I know it is helping me.

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    Thanks everyone. I think the more I hear the language and the more I study the better I will get.

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    Actually, all of the Czech channels stream. Nova TV, CT1, CT2, Prima and Ocko. I am sure if you search for these stations on Google you will find them...

    Lots of luck to you!

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    Another great listening technique (for me at least) is listening to Czech movies on DVD with the option for either Czech or English subtitles. The biggest problem I have with listening comprehension is that even the simplest word combinations can be tricky the first time I hear them, especially when they're spoken quickly. The Czech subtitles help me parse the words and the ability to pause playback of the DVD gives me time to digest them. The English subtitles can be used to help translate idioms and expressions, although the translations are not always so good.
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    Or any other good possibility to listen Czech is to find some Czech pen pal and talk with him via Skype or other instant messenger.
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    Hey--that's interesting. Some interesting programs. And it comes in really clear too.
    Unfortunately, I can only pick up a word here and there.
    Bohuzel, jen muzu slova tu a tam rozumet.
    To je hodni strasne. Protoze, cesky se uz rok a pul ucim :oops: .
    I need childrens' programming.

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