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    I use to find domestic trains and how much they cost, etc. But when I look up international trains (ie. Praha do Vienna) it doesn't show the price. Is there any way to find this information over the internet?

    Also, how much extra does first class cost? I read somewhere that it's a 60 Kc surcharge on top of any ticket, but that seems strange to me.. ?

    Also, what do all the letters mean that are tacked on certain destinations? Like when I type in Praha to Vienna, Vienna comes up as:

    Vienna [*A],


    Budapest [*H]

    ...what is *A, *H, etc.

    Lastly, I can't seem to find out how to reserve train tickets online. I followed the guide on the Czech Rails website, but they tell you to click on a link in IDOS that doesn't exist.

    Thanks everyone!!
  2. eso

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    A is Austria, H is Hungary :)
  3. wer

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    Yes, that's because it is dependent on foreign tariffs.

    Some international pricelists (unfortunately only in Czech) are here. The concrete pricelist of trains from Prague is here. All prices are in euros.

    do = to, for
    přes = via
    jízdné jedním směrem = one-way fare
    jízdné tam a zpět = return fare
    1 cestující = 1 passanger
    2 cestující = 2 passangers

    Zák. = basic
    Obyč. = standard

    It is dependent on distance. For domestic trains, you can compare it here.
  4. rrc

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    Thank you for the info.. that's exactly what I was looking for. Another question - What is the difference between basic and standard? And by "return fare" you mean that's how much it costs for a round-trip? Stupid question, but I just want to make sure.. That's pretty cool how much you save if 2 people go.. thanks again!
  5. Jana

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    Sorry - Zák. does not mean basic, but customer fare (zákaznické jízdné). It is a discount fare for holders of the following cards - In-karta with Rail Plus logo, Karta Z, Junior pas, Senior pas.
    And yes, return fare means round-trip.
  6. wer

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    Oh, yes, sorry. I misinterpreted that abbreviation.
  7. rrc

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    Thanks guys

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