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    As many others are doing, I'd like to introduce myself. I've made a few posts already and will be making more. I have not a drop of czech blood in me but my wife is půl čhešky (if that is correct). I'm 55 but would like to keep my brain cells intact. I like languages so have translated my wife's heritage as a motivation to learn Czech. I'm having to teach myself (Pimsleur CD's and David Short's grammer book) but as I learn more about the language, the more I wish to learn of the culture. I have organized a Czech language interest group here and we have had one meeting. We made a very good cherry and egg noodle recipe and, of course, enjoyed a few good pilseners. I need to converse in this language to learn it but I'll try anything else available. Your website has now become my new training ground - to je docela výborný (likely incorrect as well). Děkuji. MichaelM.
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    to je dobrý, vítam vás

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