Is Anyone Know Origin of my Surname Zimpeck

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by NICA, Oct 16, 2005.

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    I live in Brazil Rio de Janeiro. An english teacher told me this surname Zimpeck came from Poland, but he was wrong, so I'm trying to know which country in Europe it is. I'm very curious about this. The only thing I know is that they arrived in Rio Grande do sul in the beggining of 1900. I'll very happy if anyone give me a path to find out. Obrigada. :D
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    Are you sure about transcription of the name, Monica? Couldn't it be for instance ┼Żampach? It is ordinary name at Bohemia.
    Karel :)
  4. NICA

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    I'm not sure about the transcription. I think they changed the name to fix it in portuguese when they arrived in Brazil. Is it possible? People can change names? a lot of immigrants who came to Brazil from Italy, Poland... and as I know they did not change the way of writing their names!!!
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    Rio Grande do Sul -- Porto Alegre -- was predominantly the domain of German/Austrian immigrants (German was even taught in pubilc schools and spoken in the streets). The Czech & Polish immigrant levitated mainly towards Sao Paulo , due to its big manufacturing industry /employment (with a large Czechoslovak comminity of circa 250-350K in the 1950's). Also, if meomry serves me right, the Portugues alfabeth did not have a "Z" until circa 1970? That's why Brazil was spelled with a "S" before.

    Perhaps your ancestors came to Brazil thru Argentina (Argentina did not require visas for Germans since the late 1800) across the river to Uruguay and Porto Alegre

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