Is Jesus accepted in Cz

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Kevinvsn13, Nov 14, 2006.

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    I'm glad to see a site where one is encouraged and given an opportunity to take short term missions trips. However, the price seems awfully high for lodging to be in churches or homes. If one were to eat in restaurants each meal (3 times per day) approximately how much do you think he/she would spend on food in 2 weeks? Please answer in US $$. I imagine they will eat in normal priced restaurants or even the cheaper fast food type, not expensive dining.
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    I learned more information about that trip:


    It turns out, the price only covers 2 meals a day and for only 9 days. $75 of the $795 is some sort of non-refundable deposit and $125 is a deposit for each airline ticket, which doesn't make sense to me since the $795 doesn't include airfare. Perhaps you must buy your tickets through them, but if so, how is it that they don't include the airfare when giving the price.

    So my question above still stands, only altered from 3 meals a day for 2 weeks to 2 meals a day for 9 days.
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    This is the first time a see CZE somewere else than "East"... nevertheles its stil incorrect..
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    FYI- for anyone interested - I emailed the website inquiring an explanation to how the $795 is spent since it could not possibly cost close to $795 for 2 meals a day for 9 days in CR. I knew there must be administrative and other costs. This was the reply. I'd still like someone to provide an estimate cost of food these days in CR if you can.

    > Hello! From your perspective, it may seem expensive, but don't forget
    > that food isn't the only cost of a mission trip. I am not sure of the
    > breakdown of costs for all of our trips, since I am not the financial
    > services person, but all of our trips require Global Outreach personnel
    > to fly to the international location to lead the trip. That means two
    > tickets from the US to the Czech Republic. Depending on the size of
    > the group, everyone will either have to eat out or cook meals daily.
    > Sometimes that requires the hiring of a cook. There is also
    > transportation in country as well as to and from the airport that is
    > required. We also have to give our hosts financial assistance to
    > offset the use of electricity and water that we consume. Finally, we
    > provide a gift to support the efforts of our missionaries on the ground
    > in the country that we visit. And, with the fluctuation of the US
    > dollar versus international currencies, you never know how much things
    > will actually cost when you arrive in any foreign country. Some funds
    > from the fees go toward administrative costs (such as upkeep of the
    > website you mention, advertising ministry positions and other places
    > where we advertise mission trips).
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    When big J arrives in CR i'm sure then he will be accepted.
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    He is gladly accepted every year at 24. december ;)
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    This turned out to be a very entertaining thread. To Eso, thank you for all the observations on why atheism or "unbelief" makes sense to so many Czechs. I remember from an essay of Havel, "The Power of the Powerless", my very favorite line of his in any of his work: "Ideology is a specious way of relating to the world. It offers human beings the illusion of an identity, of dignity, and of morality while making it easier for them to part with them." (this is a paraphrase, I am taking this from memory) I thought of this when you put ideology and propaganda on the list of things taken with a jaundiced eye in CZ. Taking the time to explain this in terms even an American can understand is greatly appreciated. :D
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    If one were to eat in restaurants each meal (3 times per day) approximately how much do you think he/she would spend on food in 2 weeks? Please answer in US $$. I imagine they will eat in normal priced restaurants or even the cheaper fast food type, not expensive dining.[/quote]

    Not sure if you got your answer. You have asked such a long time ago. On our last stay in Prague June/July 2008, we eat Czech traditional dishes (i.e. Svickova, Gulash and dumplings and many other) in local eateries. They are not easy to find, but Czech people still have many places where they go for lunch on weekdays. All places are clean, some very nice and some right in Centre, but I don't want to advertize here. Menu is posted outside so you can see.

    We paid usually 69 Kc (US$4.50) per person. Beer depending on size etc. approx. US$1.20. PRICE and taste is not adjusted for tourists, Czech food is cooked like at home. In all places where we eat order is verbal after reading what they have that day on "black board", you take tray, pay cashier and carry your food to table. No tipping. Selection is huge. Usually, they have day special (choice) of three meals + soup also for US$4.50, but it is way too much food (by my opinion). You can also ask for 1/2 portion with meat or without meat (gravy and dumplings etc.only) and price will be adjusted (lower) accordingly. Normal portion are 4 dumplings which is plenty for most people. Some "blue colour workers" would ask for two additional dumplings to add to "regular portion" which is usually US$0.20 for each (slice) of dumpling. Most places are open just for lunch, some all day + weekends.

    Breakfast: Coffee with something from local Bakery (where locals shop not tourist imposter bakeries), which is still very reasonable. Dinner usually stuff from local Grocery/Deli ( klik on Tesco Akce brochure to see prices). Hope that will answer your question.
    Have a good day.
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    I believe it is price for something from dinner menu or something from chinese restaurant.

    to add something usefull to my post

    Regarding dinner menu:
    Unfortunately it is usually only in czech language and available around noon. If you order from regular menu then the price is two or more times higher. I think the price of 99 percent meals from regular menu in standard restaurant will be between 120-250 CZK

    Nonalcoholic drinks
    They oftem like to charge the same price for every kind of it. It is usually around 30 CZK (ca 2 USD) regardlesss it is coke or just water.

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