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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Aussie Dave, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Aussie Dave

    Aussie Dave Member

    Hi All,

    A quick note to say HI! :) I have just arrived in Brno. Moved into a flat, but still mucking about getting internet access, a job and a czech language course going.

    A bit colder and wetter than Manly Beach in good old Sydney, but if we can just get a bit more snow rather than rain the place will look great!

    Keen to meet up with those in the city.


  2. We hope you are enjoying that rain still Dave :D I bet Sydney could do with some of it 8) ????
    Rich is arriving Brno next month (19th) and he will contact you after then. Our boxes of personal home stuff arrived in Prague via the 3 month sea journey a month ago and finished up in Brno last week without too many dramas. The Prague Customs didnt want to let the boxes leave because they thought they were too valuable!. They couldnt work out if the contents were personal or required import duty to be paid. We had to contact them via email to confirm that the gear was personal use only.
    Hope you meet up with some nice expats and that you get to know the local scene soon (hic - bars etc :wink: )
    PS: Be careful around Macca's in the city and getting on and off the trams. Pickpockets aren't as bad as in Prague, but they still are present. Try and sit down on the trams rather than stand. And if you have to stand up do so at the back of the tram so you have your back up against the wall.
    Hope you get to see some snow somewhere. Cheers from Deb and Rich down under :)
  3. ArieA

    ArieA Active Member

    Ahoy David,

    Welcome here from Holland. I've been down under in the '62 with the Dutch Royal Navy, however, at the west side (Port Darwin, Perth and Fremantle) as on our journey to Netherlands New Guinea!

    Now I'm trying to learn Czech to broaden my knowledge and keeping my brains sharp (ha, ha, I'm almost 65) and, of course, I met a mysterious Chech woman on the beaches of Spain!

    The Chech woman I can forget, but the interest for her beautiful country and its inhabitants stayed!

    So, enjoy your stay, find a good mentor and maybe you speak Czech fluently soon!

    Bye for now....., na shledanou, Arie....
  4. Adela

    Adela Active Member

    Hallo ArieA,
    ik kan niet geloven dat je nog steeds het Tsjechisch leert. Success!
  5. ArieA

    ArieA Active Member

    Hallo Adela,

    Jak se mate? Mi se skvele....!

    Leuk om je weer te zien. Tsjechisch blijft moeilijk, maar ik geef niet op. Opgeven staat niet in mijn slovnik...!

    Hodne stestni, nasheldanou, Arie....
  6. olgamatei

    olgamatei New Member

    Hello everybody

    I m Olga
    I just found out that I obtained a scholarship in Czech Republic. Can wait to move there and start learning the language. Too bad is just for 9 mounths :)
  7. ArieA

    ArieA Active Member

    Ahoj Olga,

    Welcome to this board. Hope you'll enjoy this board and her members. Anyway, mikyi svou (I love it)...!

    Na shledanou (means: see you later).

    Greetings, Arie...
  8. Hello everyone, my hubby and I are due to arrive in Brno mid April. He is Czech so the move will be his homecoming, but I am Canadian and the prospect of an unknown situation facing me, makes it rather apprehensive. I don’t speak the language; don’t know of any good doctors, dentists, or other important issues in Brno, so I hope there is a gathering place for newbies in Brno besides the message boards. I would appreciate all and any advice.
  9. Patricia, dont worry too much because Brno will have what you are looking for :D I have been to Brno twice in the past few years and have experienced only good people and great times :D The only problems I have come across was trying to understand why the service industry is still a little behind in customer satisfaction etc. Not everyone is like it but I seem to notice it more with government employees behind counters ie; postal workers etc. As the years progress, the service will improve because Czech and Brno people want it to :D
    My mother in law who lives in Kninincky, is a retired registered nurse, so if you are still searching for medical services there when we get there, I will ask her for you as she will know the good doctors etc, Im sure. Cheers from Deb and Rich :)
  10. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by "a place for newbies"? why not use this board to speak a little more about Brno and not only about Prague.
  11. Kanadanka

    Kanadanka Well-Known Member

    I think what Patricia was saying is she hopes there is a 'gathering place' where newcomers (newbies) to Brno can get together in person, instead of just posting notes to each other on the forum. :wink:
  12. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    I hope she finds that kind of place then :)

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