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    The UNESCO has listed the 300th anniversary of Jiří Josef KAMEL's death to be celebrated in 2006.

    Jiří Josef KAMEL (Latin CAMELLUS, 1661-1706), born in Brno, was a Jesuit father who worked in the Philippines where his name was hispanized as Jorge Jose(ph) CAMEL. A renowned botanist, his book on the flora of the island of Luzon (Luçon) was published in London in 1704. The camellia was named after him by the Swedish botanist Carl VON LINNÉ.
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    Czech province of Societas Iesu (czech jesuits) will celebrate this aniversary among the others aniversaries (like 450 years of death of Ignac from Loyola, 500 years of birth of Franciscus Xaverius and 450 years of arrival first Jesuits to Bohemia) by great exposition which will start at the end of April 2006 in National Library in Prague (former Jesuit College known as Clementinum).
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    Thanks for the information, Maklara.

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