Kaplice to Salzburg via Summerau by train

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    I and my group totalling 4 persons will visit Prague during mid October. After that we'll go to Cesky Krumlov and the next day, we have to get up early to take a bus to Kaplice.

    After arrive Kaplice, we'll move to Kaplice train station to catch a train to Salzburg via summerau and Linz.

    Train will arrive Summerau at 6.59 am. and we have to change to another train that'll depart for Lins at 7.14 am.

    It'd be much appreciated if anyone could help me clarify that with only 15 minutes time, is it possible to pass the Austrian immigration and passport check at Summerau Station before we get in for Linz train? Anyone ever travel by this route? :?

    6:18 Depart Kaplice
    6:59 Arrive Summerau
    7:14 Depart Summerau - Linz/Dohau Hbf
    8:23 Linz/Donau Hbf 8:33 IC 940 9:56 3:38

    By the way, which bus station in Prague do you recommend for our trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, Florenc or Knizeci? :?: We stay near Staromestska and found that Florenc is nearer, but bus from Knizeci tends to use less time (2.40 hrs.) compared to bus from Florenc (3.05 hrs.)

    Thanks a lot in advance. :)

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