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  1. Xevious

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    I know almost nothing about my great-grandparents, except that they spoke Czech and that their birthplace is listed as Austria (which at the time included the CR, I believe).

    I have heard that the Dolezal surname is very common in the CR, much like Jones in the US. However, Karnos (the "s" has a "^" over it, but I don't know how to type that character) would be a "Czech-ification" of an earlier French surname, perhaps Carnoce, so that the Karnos surname would be unique to my family (in theory).

    I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me anything about these names.
  2. Sova

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    Doležal is as you say a common Czech surname. Karnoš is not one I had heard until now. It definitely does not sound Czech. I did find a handful of people with this surname (or the feminine variant Karnošová) in the Czech white pages http://phone.quick.cz/, two in Prague, one in Příbram (Středočesky region), and two in Ústecký region, so apparently there are some.
  3. Xevious

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    Sova, thank you for that information. I have learned that my great-grandfather went to live in Illinois shortly after he "got off the boat". Later, he married my great-grandmother, Anna Oupor (whose nationality I do not know), in Minnesota. Apparently they purchased a farm in Oregon from relatives of Anna's a few years later.
  4. szarkafarka

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    "oupor/úpor" is a Czech word, OUPOR is a Czech surname, but rather rare (Oupor - 26, Ouporová - 23 times). You have a good chance to find your relatives (Karnoš - 17, Karnošová - 8 times; but Doležal + Doležalová - cca 18000 times in the CR).
  5. Xevious

    Xevious New Member

    Thank you for that info.
  6. clintk

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    Hey! I'm a Karnos...

    Xevious, drop me an email.. clintkarnos at yahoo dot com

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