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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by rkasparek, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    A big West Texas 'Howdy' to y'all!

    Just thought I would share. I have had my Y-DNA tested for the surname Kasparek. If anyone is interested, please send me a note - I am more than happy to share my info. The predicted Haplogroup is J-2, which is in concert with the family legends that the surname Kasparek is an amalgam of "Kaspar" (Persian for 'Treasured Secret' or 'Treasure Master' or 'Treasurer - depending on the source)) and the Austio-Hungarian suffix 'ek' meaning 'son-of' or 'family-of' or 'descendats of'.

    I am having a more extensive test done to determine more about the haplogroup, and once available will also be happy to share.

    Rick Kasparek
    Midland Texas USA
  2. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm not sure, if surname can be connected to Haplogroup. Anyway, in Czech Kaspar mean "clown" an Kasparek "little clown" :)

    Also Kaspar, Melichar, Baltazar are in east mythology names of three wise men, who who visited Jesus.

    You are right, that origin of the name is from persian "kaš" - treasure and "fero" - I carry, together: I, who carry treasure.

    And also, Kaspar is rather common Czech surname.
  3. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    While I agree that the 'surname' cannot be connected to a haplogroup - the Y-DNA remains unchanged in the male lineage so, the people who carried the Kasparek surname - from my own lineage at least - are connected with the J2 haplogroup which shows a migration from roughly, Persia to the Caucasus area.

    The name Kasparek meaning little clown is certainly relevant to me since I have been described as a clown! :D As I understand it Kasparek (as a clown puppet) dates back to Asia a thousand years ago.

    I am also of Irish origin (1/4 via my mother) and some have said I have a leprechaun smile. Perhaps Kasparek is a Czech version of a leprechaun! :lol:

    Yes, I have heard of the legends of Kaspar and company - the 3 wise men. Wouldn't it be interesting if his descendants carried the surname Kaspar/Kasparek! I understand that their remains are in a cathedral in Cologne... DNA testing might prove interesting if they were of the same halpogroup!!

    Anyway, your answer is appreciated. Makes one think about origins!

  4. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Well it' really interesting theory :) I believe that leprechains sometimes mocked travellers, too :)

    But while leprechaun has green clothes, Kašpárek has red.
  5. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member


    So... as I understand it you're saying that the Persian "kaš" means 'treasure' and the Persian "fero" means 'I carry'? So possibly the original name was "kašfero"? or is fero from the latin?

    Hmmm... where did you find this information, I'm curious to learn more!

    Some of the translations (actually most of the ones I have found) say "Treasured Secret" I wonder where that comes from!?

    Thanks for your replies!

  6. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    I found it on this (Czech) site:

    However, I found similar information for example here:

    where the name is translated as treasurer, which I believe is very close to "someone, who carries a treasure".
  7. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    I assume that:

    Kašpar : perský : První složka kaš znamená "poklad", druhá část pochází ze slovesa fero "nesu", význam jména je tedy "ten, kdo nese poklady".

    ...was what you translated earlier? (this is good info!)

    I found the other translation, among other sites at:
  8. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member


    Perhaps the "Treasure" that Kasparek (the clown) brings is that of laughter! :wink:

  9. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Exactly. Full translation:

    Kaspar : persian : First part kaš means "treasure", second part originated from verb fero - "to carry", meaning of name is then: "someone, who carries treasures"
  10. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    You're awesome Eso! Thank you!!

  11. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Maybe! :)

    Or maybe it's about treasures which wise men carried to Jesus from Persia.
  12. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    Very true. Makes a person think doesn't it?!

    Thanks Eso - you've been a big help and a real pleasure to 'chat' with!

  13. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    And look on their caps! Exactly like Kasparek's :)

  14. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    And it looks like Kaspar is in front... holding a treasure (and wearing red)!
    Melchior is next holding an incense burner (Frankencense?)
    and Balthazar is next holding a jar of ...perhaps Myrhh?

    How neat! THANKS!
  15. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

  16. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Wow! Amazing drawings!
  17. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I enjoy doing artwork when I get a chance and have completed some for the National Czech and Slovak Museum here in the states. I hope to do more!

    I am very interested in my Czech heritage and am also looking for examples of kroj from Zlin. Perhaps I will have something made for myself for various Czech heritage gatherings!

  18. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    I agree with Eso. Great talent!
  19. rkasparek

    rkasparek Well-Known Member

    :oops: Thank you all! I appreciate your kind words!
  20. zengac

    zengac Member

    Rick, I note that your post is from some time ago but I'm hoping you are still around. My great grandmother's name was Franciska Kasparek so I would be very interested to know what you have learned about this family name. I just sent you a PM as well. Thanks!

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