Known and Forgotten Czechs

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Zik, Nov 30, 2008.

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    And Gandhi had a strong influence on the great Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King Jr. accredited his non-violent civil rights movement to Gandhi; therefore, one could conclude that Chelčický indirectly affected the American Civil Rights movement.
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    I think you should add Milada Horakova...
  3. Zik

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    What a great idea! I just thought of her today. I heard the Americans are going to make a movie about her, but I heard this informations a lot of years ago. Do you anybody have some informations?

    Have you heard her last letter?
  4. MK

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    Zik you did big mistake by forgeting greatest Czech ever:

    Jara da Cimerman


    More candidates:

    Leoš Janáček
    Zdeněk Fibich
    Jan Kubelík
    Jakub Šimon Jan Ryba
    Václav Talich
    Josef Suk

    Jiří z Poděbrad

    Mikoláš Aleš

    František Josef Gerstner

    known abroad - Hašek, Fučík
    of Czech importace- Jirásek,Němcová,Neruda,Erben,Seifert

    Jan Opletal (Students day)
    Vladimír Remek (first non USA or USSR astronaut)
    Bertha von Suttner (considered german writer by Otto's Encyclopedia but born into old Czech noble family - Kinsky, first women awarded Nobel prize)
  5. Zik

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    Hello, we all know about Jára Cimrman. The problem is, if I add Jára to this list, the others will be not important near him. And we also don't know his face.

    After Christmas, I will add some of your list, but not all - I don't think Julius Fučík is a very important person for Americans or other nations... :lol:

    Thank you for the composers, especially.
  6. MK

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    Thank you. There is no need to hurry. :D

    Fucik - I put him on the list of suggestions because of his "Notes from the Gallows". Interestingly some of non-Czech related people worldwide know this book but for them Fucik is only author of one big book (like Hasek). They were not influenced by communist-hero propaganda.

    Jara Cimerman - I think the list will be incomplete without him. This person embody the way how Czech thinks. Anyway - he was real winner of Greatest Czech contest. :wink:
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    What is interesting is, that in fact he was broken by nacists and he probably gave away some people from resistance.

    Also his book was published censored by communists.
  8. Buru

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    "Notes from the Gallows" by Julius Fuchik

    I want to find english translation of this novel. ebook is good for me.
    Can you help me?
  9. Zik

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    I've just edited the introduction, repared non-working pictures and added a very important and famous Czech man - Josef Radecký!
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    Great list! is Jan Zelezny of the Jewish faith?
  11. CRMH

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    How about Miloslav Mecir?
  12. Cultur@lWand3rer

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    Miroslav was not only a great representative of the Czech Republic, but also a very underrated figure.

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