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    My great-great grandparents came to the US from Bohemia and I'd like to find out what village they were from. Their names were James and Katie Kocka. Her maiden name was Cherney. He was born Spetember 27, 1841 and she was born about 1849. Legend has it the family manufactured "Kocka Crystal." Any ideas on where I could find an english language vital records archive for Bohemia? All the links I have found are in Czech, and sadly I can't translate them.
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    You might want to try www.usgenweb.org This site is supposed to have "volunteers" in places all over that are willing to look up records for you. I read about it in the new Rosie Magazine. There is an entire article about looking up your roots on the web. They name a couple other places to look too but I think those may be more US oriented. Hope this works for you. Good Luck!

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