Kubecka or Haba

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    I am look for ancestors in the Czech Republic, these are some of the names: Kubecka, Haba- any information would be greatly appreciated. Are these names bohemian, moravian, slavik, or what?
  2. Karel_lerak

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    Relative frequences:

    Kubečka 315/5015550
    Kubeczka 37
    Kubeček 389
    Haba 96
    Hába 279

    The surname Kubečka is derived from first name Jakub (Jacob), may be Polish, Czech, ...

    Hába/Habán/Habáň = big man (if from Czech)
  3. Mosha

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    HI... I live in Mexico and I am trying to find where my family comes from.
    My great grand mother came to live to mexico city around 1900, I never met her nor my grandmother (her daughter). First I need to figure out what was her last name and the real region she was born to start my research... Her name was Julia and she said her maiden name was Kubeczka or one of its variations... she also said she came from "Paskovitz" (perhaps Paskov?), in the region of Moravia.... she was catholic since we have her prayer book that it is supposed to be written in Bohemian.... We know she first married a man named Schmitzerle or something that sounds like that maybe in some part of Austria then he died and she re-married Julius Ehrlich... whom we know was Austrian... he adopted my grandmother so she took the Ehrlich surname, but she was born in Austria (don't know where)...
    I wonder if first, there is someone that can put me in the right track about the surnames... last names... and the regions they belong to.... and second if someone can guide me as to where or how I could have access to birth records. Another problem is that I only speak spanish and english and I face the language barrier.
    All help will be really appreciated....
  4. Karel_lerak

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    I have found some quotations of Paskovice and Paškovice, but not in the official list of local names.
    There exists Paskovnear Frýdek-Místek in north of Moravia.
    The name Kubečka and its derivativaes are rather frequent:
    Kubacka 2
    Kubacki 6
    Kubacký 15
    Kubaczka 41
    Kubačák 149
    Kubáček 294
    Kubačka 94
    Kubáčka 1
    Kubačko 1
    Kubecki 6
    Kubeczka 37
    Kubeček 389
    Kubečka 315
    Kubiček 34
    Kubíček 4132
    Kubička 277
    Kubíčka 1
    (all in 5015550 men surnames, similarly with women).
    I took only the most similar ones, there exist many other variants.

    give some sentences of the book, so we may guess the language 8)

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