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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Winter, Sep 23, 2004.

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    My 1st time on the boards!
    Years ago, when Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) was under communist rule, I went with a group to Prague for a visit. We really enjoyed it ....all went well. I do want to go back soon. Last time I was there was back in 1974 !!

    One thing stuck in my mind....Our tour guide was friendly and helpful....but one day she became FURIOUS with me for speaking German to a few ladies working in a small store. Is there a bias against speaking German to Czechs? native tongue is English and back then more people understood and spoke German than English. (I imagine Russian is frowned upon?!).
    I know more of the Czech language now, but on that trip many years ago, I knew only about a dozen words in Czech, which did help as a matter of fact.

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    Hello Winter,

    74.... long time indeed.

    I can only imagine the guide became furious due to the political state at that time.
    But Germany was never the most popular neighbouring country of ours anyway.

    The CR has become more cosmopolitan since that time, you come across a variety of languages strolling through Prague nowadays.

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