Learn English and teach me Czech

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by tratatoo, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. tratatoo

    tratatoo Member

    hi all

    i am looking for somebody who can teach me Czech language,i only started learning few weeks ago, in return i can teach English language
    i live near Hranice and olomouc. i speak very good English and every job i apply for they need Czech language specially in cities like Olomouc,and Ostrava
  2. lyuk

    lyuk New Member

    Hi, iam native Czech. My knowledge of English is "Intermediate" :) I want to be better. Whats your icq number? Here is my 267606484....

    Měj se..
  3. tratatoo

    tratatoo Member

    hi there i have added my ICQ to my profile, you can add it to yours and we can chat

    regards :D
  4. lyuk

    lyuk New Member

    Well, i have added you. So, if you use a different "client" (Skype, e.c.) write me it on icq :)

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