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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by aedude94, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. aedude94

    aedude94 Member

    Ahoj! Učím se český a potřebuju pomoc! Ok! If you would like to help, by emailing or something, I can even help you with English or Spanish (preferably English). I really love the Czech language and want to continue studying it in college and later in my life. I am currently 18 and in my senior year in high school. I am planning on taking a 2 week or so trip to Prague this summer with my girlfriend and would love to have the knowledge of Czech, or at least some. She is Czech, and is helping me, but I need all the help I can get! Please help! Thanks so much! Private message me or email me at rbd1848@yahoo.com! thanks!
  2. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    Wow ! I thought you found the best way to learn Czech already :D

    Nejlepsi ucitel je tvoje pritelkine !
  3. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Jenom ješli ma trpělivost. mám někdo přátelé že to bohužel nemají :lol:
  4. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    :D Kdyz mas nekoho Ceskeho sebou, a nemuzes to se ucit Cesky dobre, jsou dve duvody: pvni, moc milujete jednou druheho a druhy, pijete moc ztloustne kavy :D :D :D

    Dzurisovak ! You have all Czech republic with you already, haven't you ? :lol:
  5. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'm having trouble getting this. I'll give you my translation.

    When you have some Czechs you, and you can not learn czech good, there are two reasons: first, you much love first second, and second, you dring too thick of coffee.

    Sorry, I know that must be a wrong translation, but that's all I got. :?

    I'm not sure I understand this question either. However, if it means I have a small CR here in Michigan, perhaps that is somewhat true. There is a large Czech community here. We have many Czech friends and go to a lot of parties with all Czechs. Chicago being 1 1/2 hours away makes it easy to go to Czech stores and Czech restaurants and well as traditional czech events. Bohužel, nemám krasný Český hrady a města. :cry:
  6. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    I just creaked a joke ! I meant that when you were in love with someone, you would love that person's world too.
    Sorry, :cry: my foreign languges are too bad now, that's why I am very glad to be here :D
  7. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Oh very true. Before I fell in love with a Czech, the only thing I cared about the CR was that Czechoslovakia was a word often used in spelling bees. :lol:
  8. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    He he ! And these words often used in spelling an Army of bees:

    Ceskoslovenska Socialicticka Republika je nejkrasnejsi zeme na svete

    Oop ! Sorry Aedude94 ! We are talkative on your topic !
  9. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    Not too bad.

    When there is some Czech with you, and (despite of it) you cannot learn Czech well, there are two reasons: first, you love one another too much, and second, you drink a lot of fat coffee (tlustá káva).
  10. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    thanks for the translation Zeisig.

    Those reasons may be true. And I'd like to believe that the reason my husband can't teach me czech is because we are too in love, but I'd have to wager that my first reasoning is correct: Some Czechs just aren't patient enough to teach American's cesky! :lol:
  11. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Hmm..., I had understood doman as saying that they might be spending all of their time together in the act of love, and therefore too little in learning/teaching the language. :oops:

    Back to the topic at hand. Aedude94, you're best resource by far in learning the language is your girlfriend. Doman nailed that right on the head. In the nine months my Ukrainian wife and I were dating, I went from having one semester of Russian some years back and speaking quite poorly to taking a third year conversational course in Russian. Use your opportunities, pick up a good Czech dictionary, or use an online version, and practice with your girlfriend. If you can find a text, online or otherwise, great! Certainly, having other Czech speakers to talk to will help, but your girlfriend is not only the one you will interact with most, but also has the most motivation to see you succeed.
  12. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    :D Oh my God, Sova ! You read my mind so well ! Well done ! :D :D :D
  13. Ájík

    Ájík Well-Known Member

    yeah and we poor singles have to learn from inet or textbooks.... . I could use a big piece of
    an american girl here. :evil: :twisted:
  14. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Oh ok, well then that might just be the reason he can't teach me czech! :oops: :oops:
  15. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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