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    I am an Australian guy interviewing for a position in Prague and would appreciate information regarding living costs in Prague. Can anyone help? Please email me or use my Yahoo Messenger ID for a chat: niarcat_03
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    I've sent you PM.
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    Hi Alex,

    Your Prague livings costs will depend on your lifestyle but here are some guidelines:

    Rent will probably be one of your bigger monthly expenses. Depending on how large a place and in what area of Prague you end up renting, you can be spending 15,000 - 25,000 CZK or more per month on an apartment. I realize this is quite a broad range but I don't know if you'll be renting a one-bedroom apartment at Palmovka or a two-bedroom apartment in Vinohrady or the Old Town. Prices can vary greatly by location, size and condition of the place. You can see what Prague rent runs if you browse some Czech real estate websites. You can start at - click on "Byty k pronájmu", choose Praha and then check your preferences (Praha 1 is the very center of Prague - most expensive, Praha 2 is mostly Vinohrady, which is a popular residential area generally on the expensive side, Praha 3 is mostly Žižkov where you may find some good value rentals, and Praha 4 etc. then covers areas farther from the center).

    Expect utilities to run at 2,000 - 3,500 CZK per month, depending on the size of your rental and your usage.

    Food is generally cheap in the Czech Republic. You can see prices of selected foods and beverages, updated weekly, on the Czech Statistical Office website - click on the "Average prices survey of selected products" link on the homepage.
    If you eat out, expect to pay 100 - 150 CZK for a meal and a drink at a local pub, 200 - 300 CZK at an average restaurant and from 500 CZK up at more upscale restaurants. These are just ballpark numbers but should give you an idea.

    You shouldn't need a car in Prague unless you have to use one for work, in which case your employer may cover the costs. If you stick to public transportation, you'll probably get a monthly, quarterly or yearly pass that covers all types of Prague public transport. Their prices are:

    Monthly: 460 CZK
    Quarterly: 1,260 CZK
    Annual: 4,150 CZK

    Current prices of tickets and passes are listed on our Prague Public Transportation Tickets and Passes page.

    Movie ticket: 160 CZK
    Beer (0.5 liter): 20 - 30 CZK (some places charge more)
    Alcoholic drinks (whisky, gin, vodka, etc.): 60 - 80 CZK
    Mixed drinks: 100 - 150 CZK

    I hope I was able to give you an idea of what to expect. If you have any specific questions, feel free to post them here.


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