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  1. Hi. From Belfast Ireland and heading for Prage on September Can anyone inform me of anything happening for the week after the 26th Sept ? AlsoI am staying in the area of Slovojova . Whats this area like and is it safe enought at nighttime? Thanks for your help. Phil :D
  2. Eva2

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    Do you mean Slavojova ulice (possibly Pension Amadeus)?
  3. Hi Eva2, The Slovojova is beside the Vysherard fortress if thats any help. Thanks for your swift reply. Phil
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    Right, Slavojova street! I'm originally from the Vysehrad quarter and I know the neighborhood. Apart from encountering an occasional drunk after the pubs closing time, you'll be safe. While there, turn the corner in the direction of the river into Neklanova ulice (street) and visit the pub "U Karla IV". Great Steak Tartar and other solid culinary fare (I hope you are not a vegetarian).
  5. Hi Eva2, That was helpfull. Am a meat eater and shall call at the bar as you suggested. Thanks for your help. Phil :) :roll:
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    You are most welcome. Let me know your impressions when you are back!
    Have a good trip!

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