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  1. JayB

    JayB New Member

    Hello Prague. :) When I was in Prague with my family three weeks ago, I purchased an Astronomical Clock tea light (those things you put a candle in and all the windows light up). It was spectaculer. It was about 30 cm high and 15 cm side of the entire building with the focus point being the clock. Then I left it in a hotel in Paris, and they cant find it. I would loooovee to find one again. Prague was my favorite city we visited in 6 country trip and am very sad that I have lost my most charished item. Can somebody tell me where I might find one? of if I can send someone money for one and they send it to me? I appreciate any help anyone can give me

    Thank you.

  2. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    Where did you buy it? I don't think I have seen one. Well, I don't go to souvenir shops that often, so that might be the reason.

    I'm sorry about you losing that souvenir, but you have to somehow justify your next trip to Prague, right?
  3. JayB

    JayB New Member

    unfoturnetly I bought it at one of the Christmas Market stands down on Wenselas square
  4. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Astronomical Clock tea light, that sounds very cool.
    That would be a fantastic souvenir.
    I see why you are disappointed.

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