looking for an english speaking friend in brno or olomouc

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by brnocity, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. brnocity

    brnocity New Member

    hi everyone,
    i am looking for an english speaking friend (male or female, doesn´t matter) in brno or olomouc.. if you´re interested, let me know, i am a 21 y.o. student & i´d like to improve my language skills & also make some fun ;-)
  2. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    I am from UK.Tell me about yourself.Are you male/female?
    How old? etc
    I'm 25 soon in the UK.I am student.
    Can email me at samuelselvarajan@yahoo.com

    Sa, :D
  3. player1

    player1 Active Member

    Hey hey hey...
    I've been in Brno for a week already, I love this place! If you wanna show me the good stuff here...
    I'm 27, english, studying tefl...mainly here as a musician tho...looking to have some FUN!
  4. Frances

    Frances Member

    Hello, I live in Olomouc and I'm very interested in getting to know some english speaking people! :) I am 21 years old (female) and I am taking an internet-course at the moment, so not 'naturally' meeting people in university etc :( I am from Sweden.

    my mail: mjukiss@hotmail.com
  5. kimarina

    kimarina Member

    Hey y'all,
    Am in Brno and always on the lookout for more people to party with. Drop me a line at kimarina2001@yahoo.com
    See ya
  6. theatrejunkie82

    theatrejunkie82 New Member

    Hello. I am an American living in Brno, would love to meet some more Czech people. Hopefully we can chat more. My email is theatrejnkie@hotmail.com Hope to hear from you soon

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