Looking for any information on Wodohodsky surname

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by calamity_jane04, Aug 12, 2007.

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    :lol: :lol: :lol: Good one! Somehow with liberals, everything ends up being Bush's fault. 8)
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    It's because Bush is so good at "strategerizing" that he has his hands in everything. If something goes wrong, we can all rest assured that we know who the culprit is. hehe
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    Vodochodský, Wojciechowski, Kinský, the Jews, Nazi concentration camps, Bush, ...

    You made a nice 'goulash' from this thread. :wink:

    BTW, my comment about Count Kinský was also meant ironically as I know very well that the European high rank aristocrats cannot be of Jewish origin. I chose Count Kinský as an example that the Victor's claim about the -ský ending in the surnames is a nonsense.

    To Victor:

    Seriously, the asterisk denoting the birthdate and the Star of David (symbol of the Jews and the state of Israel) are different symbols.
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    Well the name of the thread is "Help, any information would be helpful" :) :wink:
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    Thanks everyone for the information. Since there are no records for the name of Wodohodsky except for the family that he knows personally, We tend to believe that the name was changed. I'm inclined to believe that it was Vodochodský. Sky-"to be from" Vodochody, would put him in the right geographical location (Bohemian). I also found a picture of Ivan Vodochodský, at this link http://dadala.hyperlinx.cz/kuchar/kuchr025.html
    My boyfriend looks identical to him, it's unreal. I also found this link about the Vodochody airport and aircraft on this link http://www.aero.cz/main.php?pageid=204
    This, to me, would explain my boyfriend's passion for flying. None of his family nor any of his friends were ever interested in flying.
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    Our name is Anthony & Irene Vodochodsky, we're from Texas. Anthony's grandfather is from the Czech Republic. He has numerous children,grandchildren and great grandchildren. We just happen to be looking up our last name and came across this posting. We are interested in any feedback to also help our curiosity. You can e-mail any info or comments to avod3@yahoo.com. We also don't have much family history details. Anthony's grandpa's name is Anthony Vodochodsky Sr., he had brothers and has children that live northern/central USA; unfortunately, we have very few names. So, please any help or info is very much appreciated. Thank You.

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