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    Pandorada LTD Recruiting agency
    Russia, Kaliningrad,236000, Kaliningrad Business Center, Pobeda square 4, entrance 1, 5 floor, office 4 Tel: +7 (4012) 52-22-85
    Tel-fax: +7 (4012) 71-66-36 E-mail: pandorada@narod.ru

    To whom it might concern
    Dear Sirs!
    «Pandorada Ltd» is the Russian, Kaliningrad-based, privately-owned, licensed recruitment agency providing job opportunities for Russian citizens abroad.
    We've got a pool of experienced English-speaking personnel for:
    Construction (all categories of specialists),
    hotel and restaurant business (waiters, bartenders, receptionists, chefs, cooks),
    shops (shop assistants, managers),
    tourism (managers, guides),
    IT, Telecom and Internet Specialists..
    Currently we are expanding our activity and looking for business partners – recruiting agencies dealing with the above mentioned spheres.
    We'd like to consider the possibility of working together with your company on the permanent basis offering short-term and long-term contracts for Russian jobseekers.

    Should you be interested in mutually beneficial partnership, please,
    contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone.

    Address:pANDORADA LTD
    Russia, Kaliningrad, E-mail: pandorada@narod.ru
    236000, Kaliningrad Business Center, Tel-fax: +7 (4012) 71-66-36
    Pobeda square 4,entr.1,5 fl.,of.4 Tel: +7 (4012) 52-22-85

    Best regards,
    Natalya Anpilova,
    General Director
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    I Would love to visit and work in kaliningrad. From the Uk with Prussian ancestory. Read architecture.

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