looking for Castka relatives from Prague area

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by nerak, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. nerak

    nerak New Member

    My grandmother cameto US from Czech in 1908ish, her maiden name was
    Castka (Castova). She had numerous brothers and i think at least one sister. Brothers names that I have are Josef(Pepike), Frantiisek(fonda), Antonin, Alois, Venda, Bohumil, Betty. I am not sure if there were (are) others. I would like to find any of their ancesters. Parents names were Frantisek and Marie (Vilimova) Castka

    I believe they lived in a small village near Prague.

    Please respond with any info..

  2. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    Not easy to help you. There are 28 phone numbers registrated to name Částka at Praha (Prague), 24 women version Částková and 12 names Částka at region Central Bohemia (http://ctel.iol.cz/index.php. If your grandmother came to US at 1908 (left Bohemia at same time?), she was probably born at 1885-1890. It is too old to find direct relatives. Three maybe four generation. Also the villages and Praha itself pass through developement. Just Praha 3x have increased it's area and unificated with suburb villages. Do you know the village of grandma's origin? I am affraid it is too wide specified question for direct help.
    If you have more datas, write me at private massage, may I can help you, but I need more informations.
    Karel :)
    P.S. Josef = Pepík, František = Franta, Antonín = Tonda, Alios could be Lojza, Venda = Václav, Bohumil could be Bohouš and Betty Alžběta.
  3. nerak

    nerak New Member

    Thank you for responding!!!

    I believe the village name was something like Kutna Hora (unsure of spelling) Some of the names Alois = Venda and Bohumil = Bohous sound familiar, I think you are right on those. I am almost positive all my Grandma's brothers and sister must have passed by now, they would be well over 100. I tried to find phone listing for Czech Rep. but I didn't know what area name to look for.

    I would appreciate any help..Thank you for your time
  4. Duane

    Duane Member


    I thought I would post you a reply even though I can't help you very much. I am also looking to make contact with a relative decendent of the same time period. I live across the big pond from you in Michigan.

    I got the town of origin from the Ellis Island web site and then with help from this web site I got a detailed map with a possible address and phone number lead. No contact yet but I have hope.

    Good luck. You may contact me directly if you wish and let me know how you are doing. duane_davis2000@yahoo.com

    Ellis Island web site: http://www.ellisisland.org

  5. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member


    There are two listings for the surname Částka in Kutná Hora, both with first name Martin:

    Kutna Hora, Na Bruncliku 24 / 27, phone: 327 511 377
    Kutna Hora, Stefanikova 24 / 255, phone: 327 514 050

    Also, there are two more listings near Kutná Hora, in a town called Opatovice (abt. 10km south):

    Josef Částka:
    Opatovice I (Opatovice I) / 53, phone: 327 594 631

    Zdeněk Částka:
    Opatovice I (Opatovice I) / 30, phone: 327 594 059

    You might try these for a start.
  6. nerak

    nerak New Member

    Thank you very much!!! I will try these numbers and see if they are relation.

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