looking for czech poems with english translations

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Marie, Apr 3, 2004.

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    Here in the US, i'm doing a poetry reading in my language arts class. i thought it'd be neat to read a czech poem and then give the translation. i've been searching the internet for 2 hours and haven't found a poem that comes with a translation, so i need some help.

    if anyone knows of a good website or book, that'd be terriffic! i only have a week though.

    marie :D
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    I really appreciate the help, I found a great poem.

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    When my husband was dating me (back in the day), he purchased a great book called Czech Love Poems, which has english translations on one side of the page, and Czech on the other.

    Would you like for me to send you the ISBN and all other pertinint information?

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    Do post it. :)
  7. ondrejana

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    Treasury of Czech Love Poems, Quotations & Proverbs
    by Marcela Rydlova-Ehrlich (Editor), Marcela Rydlova-Erlich (Editor), Marcela Rydloua-Erlich (Editor)

    Edition: Hardcover

    Publisher: Hippocrene Books; (March 1998)
    ISBN: 0781805716

    Have fun with this find.. it's perfect for doing a reading from to your class. Best wishes,

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