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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by jay, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. jay

    jay New Member

    My Great grandfather and his wife Josef and Veronika Drgac immagrated to the U.S. in 1867 from Duslavicich, Moravia. I've always wandered if I had any cousins I could contact. Would love any information that could be provided me.
  2. jay

    jay New Member

    The village listed in my first entry I believe is incorrect. Reading my great grandfather's obituary states that he came from the Ceske Budejovice area. :oops:
  3. Bohaemus

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    There is no Duslavice (nominative of Duslavicich) in the Czech Republic, but Drslavice (3x - near Prachatice, Klatovy and Uhersk√Ĺ Brod).

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