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    Anyone have information on Hruska, Chihak, Barta or Kabela :?:

    These are my family lines which stop with the migrating person. hoping to find a connection here to add to the lines/history.
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    In Czech probably
    Hruška, Čihák, Bárta, Kabela or Kábela

    There are many people with these surnames in Czech republik, you need to be more specific.
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    I didn't want to get to much into it if no one was around.

    I found my gggggrandfather born 1835 Kutna Hora Name: Michael or Matej Hruska. Thats all I have going back. He Married Anna Horka Before 1856 had a few kids then packed the family up and headed to Cleveland, OH in 1867 before settling in Spillville, IA.

    The only thing I have is from a marriage certificate for Barta/Kabela Frank Barta Married Barbara Kabela in 1903 in Spillville, Winneshiek Co, Iowa.
    Franks mom was Kat (Likely shortened on the form) Pribyl and dad was Jan Barta. I am at a loss finding any history from this point on. Barbara Kabela parents are Charles Kabela and Albina or Albino Pasek or Posek.

    The Barta/Kabela names are possibly CZ and cant find any line that matches.

    Joseph Cihak b-1773 Pocepice, CZ Married Anna Kralova (Chvatalova) b-1777

    Parents to Matthew or Mike Cihak B- abt 1808 Pocepice, CZ Married to Frances (?) b-1804 Jesenice, CZ

    Parents to Frank Chihak b 1830, Procepice, CZ Married to Josephine Rehak or b-1841 Vysoka, CZ

    John Chihak or Cihak born 1869 from Pocepice, Czech Married Rose Moravec born 1877 unknown where born.

    I am not expecting miracles, Just hoping I can get a push in the right direction. I do know at some point I will need to hire a researcher, I would just like to be able to have complete information before going that route.

    Thank you all in advance for your help.
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    Počepice is a little south of Prague, as is Ješenice. I found a Čihák in the phonebook in Počepice you might try. Otherwise try either the city halls or Catholic parishes in Počepice/Ješenice or in the district archives in Tabor or Benešov (not sure which is the right one). From the Počepice link above, click on the the number 2 at the right to see the address and phone number for the city hall in Počepice (click on 3 for the local parish).

    The other one seems more difficult, that is more involved, as the surnames, Hruška, Horka, and Kabela are more common, and Kutná Hora is a much bigger town. They do have a district archive in Kutná Hora, though (number 12 on the link--the local parish is 15).

    You can also get the addresses for the district archives on this page. They have websites as well, but as far as I can tell, only in Czech (http://www.soapraha.cz/kutnahora/ and http://www.soapraha.cz/benesov/), and they probably charge search fees.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you very much, that gives me a starting point to look at


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