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  1. I am looking for 2 girls known last week (from 5 to 8 May) that attended the karlovy lazne (especially the basement) and the study 54.
    Both are blond, the first has blue eyes the other has green eyes, are one meter high and 75, the one with blue eyes named Marika, is 22 and lives in Prague 2 with friends, in an apartment (it is a czech girl) knows many languages, including some in Italian and that he told me that he worked as a tour guide and translator in Rimini. The other should be called michaela (I'm not sure it could also be martina, as when he submitted was not much in me), attended the karlovy every night (I have met on Wednesday and Friday) they came to 2-2.30 and subsequently travel to the study 54 (after club).
    If you know someone who reflects the description and maybe you have some contact (phone email) if you can send them to me with pm, if you know the person asking permission to them I am Joseph and I was with my friend, Michele them on holiday; we are in Naples (I hope you still remember) gave me their cell numbers only in a fatality have been lost.

    I thank everyone who can give me a hand.
  2. muralik2000

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    Hi, I am from India. looking forward to have friends from czechs.
  3. truth2025

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    i'm from egypt could you consider me your friend

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