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    My second-cousin and I are trying to fill in all we can find about our family tree - HNIZDOR. it is often pronounced NEEZ'-DOOR or NIZ'-DOOR in USA.

    I'm from the Wasyl Hnizdor (Marya Labusiewicz (sp?) part of the clan, who were my grandparents of my mother, Mary Ann.

    Cousin Jeannette Grys Erdmann is connected via Helen Hnizdor Grys, daughter of Dmytro (Dominic) Hnizdor (Parascevia (Bessie) Koziol).

    Dmytro and Wasyl are brothers born before the turn of the century. They are sons of Andrew and Anne Hnizdor who bore 7 children (Alexander, John, Jacob, Maryona, Julia, Wasyl and Dmytro). Sanok-Trepcza Austria, part of Galicia

    We have a little info on the Madeja part of the clan and are looking to fill in blanks on the Hnizdor components. and anything on the Labusiewicz line from Grandma Mary.

    warmly, and thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Sanok-Trepcza is in Poland about 25 mi. north of the Slovak border, so I'm not sure how much help you will find on these boards. Furthermore, the given names and surnames are not Czech or Slovak as far as I can tell (although since some have obviously been translated into English, I can't tell for sure on all of them), so I can't tell if there's any Czech/Slovak ancestry there.

    Perhaps, however, you might get lucky and there may be some Polish speaker on this site, who is familiar with that area and who is more able to help you than I.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you very much. will wait and see. also checking on my mother's ancestors, so maybe I'll get lucky with some connections. warmly, Janet

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