Looking for my sister.

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Foss, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Foss

    Foss Member

    Hi all, I have left in 1968 and haven’t been back since. When I left I had sister in Czechoslovakia as it was than. I would dearly like to find her and make contact. Can somebody help? I have no idea where to go and whom to ask. I have no other relatives in Czech republic and don’t know anybody who could help. Is there an organisation that can trace her and help to make contact? She is by now close to 64 years and time is not in our favour. So please if anybody has any idea how to find a needle in a hay stack, let me know. Just email me or post answer here. Many thanks - Pavel
  2. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    International or Czech Red Cross.

    Centrální registr obyvatelstva MV ČR (Central register of citizens)
    I am affraid that the data are not public, but you can ask officially.
  3. Foss

    Foss Member

    Can you give me the address please? I tried Red Cross but they informed me I am not eledgible for their service.
  4. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    If you know her last name and town were she lived in, -- also possibly make a country wide search on the phone directory -- that would be a start --the Czech telephone directory you can search on line -- someone you know-knew in the past, like classmates or past neighbors -- in that town, also could know would if she married or moved and where?

    Then give them a ring. The worst that can happen they hang upon you (Czechs do not have the habit of slamming phones down, and are quite helpfull at time, since telemarkentring has not yet taken holdin CZ)

    It's worth a try,and does not cost that much. The search is free and then just the price of a phone call...

  5. Foss

    Foss Member

    The problem I am having is that the only name I remember is her birth name, place where we were born and the mother’s name giving us birth. We were separated shortly after birth and I was given for adoption, she was brought up by relatives of our father. We met the first time when I was 15 and the last time I spoke to her was 40 years ago. She was married then, but be buggered if I remember her married name. so as you can see, searching will have few difficulties. But thanks for caring, much appreciate your care. Amazing how helpful people are. Never realized. Thanks again.
  6. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    Well, this complicates the matter a bit... I just finished a smilirar search (not a severe as yours) on my own birht, that took me 4 years and one trip to CZ to unravel ( I was born in 1943, and mother claimed that during those years they did not issue birth certificates. She also divorced and remarried and then chaned my namein 1949)

    Hence, the first thing would be obtaining a copy of your own birth certificate and even a babtism certificate if possible (you are thus accumulating names that may aid you somewhere down the road) -- that then will list the names and places of birth of your parents -- Anyway you'll have somewhere to start, and then work backwards,obtain your parents parents birth certificates/death certificates, so can start accumualating names and locations where to search. These certificates can be obtained very easily -- as long as you are a relative, and the people are dead -- You may even obtain your sisters birth certificate and perhaps even the adoptive papers( I my case, I was not adopted, but only an application to change my last name to motheres new husband name was filed).

    Also, thru the mail ( I also a email address for the matrika I used,but have to search my files to find it. I'll sent it to you later), the officials did not want to give me my step brothers and step fathers birth certificates -- claiming that they do not give out information on living people), but when I arrived in CZ, handed the clerk 200Kc and had both documents the next day by noon.

    Hope this will help some. In my quest, each document I obtained, gave me a new clue and where to search next....I did my mothers family side till 1852, and my bio father only up to his parents, and then lost interest

    Good Luck.


    PS. The fee for each document is 100Kc in the Czech Republic and 25 SK from Slovakia
  7. Foss

    Foss Member

    Thanks Viktor, I see you have really similar problem. Interesting you are frequenting this chat line. I was born in 1944, so I am only a youngster. I am currently in Tasmania, which is a state of Australia federation. I had 4 children and as you can imagine travelling overseas with the mob was beyond my financial means. Now I am free to go myself, which makes it possible. I will travel and conduct search while I am there, but it would be good to have some leads before I arrive. I will take your advice and write to the local registrar (Kladno) for my own papers. I like to get Czech passport anyway if I can. I also addressed the Czech Red Cross with a request for help. See what I can achieve. Nice to meet people around the world interested in helping others. Where were you living in Czech? When did you go overseas? I left in August 1968 when our brothers decided to free us from this terrible pestilence of freedom. I could not see any future in living in socialist system anyway. Spent 8 years living in Germany (what used to be West Germany) before I moved to Australia. Nice place to visit if you ever going to the Pacific. But enough of chatting, this chat line is for serious things. Fair well Viktor.
  8. Foss

    Foss Member

    I just like to thank all of you for help. I have ggod news for everyone, after one inquiry by Red Cross I have found my sister. She was looking for me so=ince 1993. So all is well now. I haven't spoken to her yet, but this is now only matter of time. Thanks to all.
  9. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    :D Good Luck :D
  10. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    That is great news Paul. Perhaps you'll have a "Real Happy Christmas" this year, meeting a family/relatives that you did not know you even had..

  11. Foss

    Foss Member

    Just a quick note, I have found not only my sister I knew about, but also that I have a half brother and half sister as well. So now I have a large family in Czech republic. So I will have to trave there. To tell the truth, I love to go there and meet with them all. Something I have denied myself from for many years. Amazing feeling guys.
    Anybody wants to email me, please feel free. My email is Paul@aoe-solutions.com

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