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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by kickatat88, Dec 24, 2008.

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    Hi my name is Jessica and my great grandmother is from Lhotka Czech Republic her name is Georgia Rada and i am trying to track down my family roots i hear that some of the rada family still lives there i will be i prague for a language program in april and i was thinking about taking a trip to see where my family is from if anyone could be of assistance in connecting me with my family i would greatly appreciate it. Dekuji vam za pomoc!

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    unfortunately, Lhotka is common name for village in CR (something like Springfield in USA) and Rada is also common surname. Do you have more specific info?
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    well i know that she was from the a small village outside of ostrava and near trutnov (i might have spelled that wrong) unfortunately thats all the info i have
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    It may be Lan┼żov/Lhotka, okres Trutnov, but it is almost 300 km from Ostrava...
    As Eso said, it's a common name, there exist about 30 small villages with the name Lhotka in Czechia.
    Lhotka is a diminutive of Lhota, which is also a very common name of village here.
    Rada is a common surname (2 272 in 5 015 550 Czech men's surnames)

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