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    Investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre travels to Prague, a popular destination for British tourists, to expose the links between prostitution and the Russian Mafia. Behind the scenes of the strip clubs and brothels of this beautiful city, young women from ex-Soviet states are being exploited, enslaved and traded by ruthless and violent traffickers. He meets journalists, former police officers and tourists to build up a picture of the city far removed from that seen in the brochures.

    MONDAY 5.1.08 22:00
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  3. Polednikova

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    It will have had a small audience, mainly men who think they might get some shots in a strip club! Bravo is not a mainstream TV channel and I don't know anyone who has ever watched it. Typical 'tabloid reporting'. :roll:
  4. Ctyri koruny

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    Yes Bravo is a soft core porn channel, the show will have been made for men with disturbing fetishes and not as a documentary.
  5. Polednikova

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    I don't think I'd have put it quite as strongly as that but it you get the idea! :lol:

    Although having said that, I got a text last night from two young male friends who are over from the UK for a couple of days. They were in Wenceslas Square and were surprised by the number of times they were approached by undesirables offering them drugs or girls...
  6. Ctyri koruny

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    Whenever you're out late at night here.. and it's just a small town.. and late at night is after 12 o clock in CZ as you know... there are all these people just standing. On their own. Standing there. I've no idea why. If it was 'grand theft auto' I'd assume they were drug dealers or 'pimps' and run over them with my car and then take their money.

    Also it has a 'nightclub'. It's such a small town. I know there is prostitution in small towns at home but it is hidden. That's what gets me, the fact that it's so out in the open here. I guess it's better... and brothels are safer for the girls than having to work.. how would you say it.. freelance.
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    My boyfriend and I watched this when it was on, and were a mixture of amused by it's ridiculous hyperbole and faux-dramatic scenes, and annoyed that many people would watch it and feel it is the 'real' side of the city, just witing to come out when most of the tourists go back to their hotels at night.

    The only benefit....? If it is- as I agree it is- a channel mainly for beer-swilling, Daily Star reading divvy males in the Uk, we can only hope that the programme will slowly put off the large group of stag parties that cause far more trouble in Prague's centre than the suggested hoards of drug-dealing pimps, gypisy mafia-types MacIntyre believes are everywhere.

    Prague is just like most cities in the world- you can always find trouble if you go looking for it... but you needn't put yourself in that position unless you go running around the city like this presenter did asking to be introduced to the prostitues, drug-dealers and pimps in a chance of meeting their 'dons'. Liverpool is supposedly a rough city, and I have never once had trouble of any kind. :D
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    I don't get it. Why were they surprised? I thought it was normal, for every city, to have its dark areas. It happens that Wencesas Square, not beeing a "corner" it's the city dark corner. So what? :)
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    Does anyone have it recorder? Is it available online?
  10. Polednikova

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    They were surprised because they'd been to Prague several times before but only with their wives and/or parents and so had never been approached. And it was the fact that it was just relentless, every few yards, that got to them.

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