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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kirstiefaye, May 17, 2006.

  1. kirstiefaye

    kirstiefaye Member

    I'm moving to Brno in September for a year, and wondered how anyone who has moved there is getting on.. I dont speak Czech (yet :shock: ) but will have to learn. I already speak fairly fluent french. I'm a fine art student in Leeds, UK and doing a study abroad year at the uni-tech of Brno, so am on the lookout for housemates..!
    Is anyone doing the same/similar? any advice?!

    That's me in a nutshell!

    love from Kirstie x
  2. julz

    julz Member

    hi, i am also doing a study abroad next fall in Cr though i will be in prague. i just thought i would say hi and welcome! i wish i had advice for you. i too don't speak czech yet but i have no clue how bruno will be compared to prague. good luck!
  3. kirstiefaye

    kirstiefaye Member

    Thanks Julz - nice to meet you! I dont suppose you are doing an EILC course in September are you? its like an intensive language course, and Ive applied to one in Prague so that I can spend some time there before moving to Brno.. My friend is doing the same as I, so we're going to explore the land! Hey good luck with everything, its a bit daunting, and I cant actually beleive that im going. It doesnt seem real yet - Brno is actually twinned with Leeds where i live in the UK, and ive met the art tutors I'll be learning with, so im really lucky - Ive been told not to learn czech, as everyone speaks English, but im going to try to anyway.

    Take it easy, hey ta for replying!
    Kirstie x
  4. Jan

    Jan Member

    Just learn the language, believe me, you will need it. Most the time you will not understand the "Czech English". :lol:
  5. kirstiefaye

    kirstiefaye Member

    Dude, ta, I really needed to hear that, it'll really spur me on. I take it you have experienced the difficulties! I do speak French fairly fluently, and I've heard that some people do speak French... (shrug) I'll just wait and see i guess! :?

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