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  1. Dreamtalker

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    Would anyone know where to pickup a map of Bohemia and Moravia from around 1835?

  2. wer

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    What kind of maps? Or, for what purpose?

    There are online maps, for example.

    See It is Czech analog of Google Earth. You can change the types of the map in top left corner: základní = basic, turistická = touristic, fotomapa = photomap, další mapy = other maps, historická 1836-1852 = historic 1836-1852, fotomapa 2002-03 = photomap 2002-03.

    A collection of historic maps is here. The names are mostly in German, just look for Böhmen (= Bohemia) or Mähren (= Moravia), see e.g.:

    Bohemia 1802
    Bohemia 1862

    Moravia 1802
    Moravia 1804
    Moravia 1836
    Moravia (& Silesia) 1863?
    Moravia (& Silesia) 1880-1888?
  3. Dreamtalker

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    Thanks for all the maps, Those are great.

    I was curious and looking to see how CZ was broken up back in 1835 compared to today.

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