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    I am going to the Czech Republic in July and I find the map website at extremely good. Unfortunately my Czech language skills are very rudimentary so I was wondering if anyone knew of an English explanation of the various buttons and links on the site - "Zakladni", "Turisticka" (OK, I can guess that one), etc.

    It would be great if they had an English version of the site but I expect that it too much to ask.
  2. wer

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    Hledej = Search
    Zadejte ulici, město, adresu nebo firmu. Příklady - Nápověda = Enter street, town, address or company. Examples - Help
    Vytiskni mapu = Print the map
    Najdi v okolí = Find in the vicinity (wer: this works only with Czech terms)
    Další funkce = additional functions
       Odkaz na tuto mapu = pemalink to this map
       Poslat e-mailem = send by e-mail
       Přidej vlastní ikonu = add your own icon
       Přidej firmu = add company
       Dopravní informace = traffic information

    Základní = basic
       Stínování = (hill) shading
       Fotografie = photos
    Turistická = tourist
       Stínování = (hill) shading
       Fotografie = photos
       Turistické trasy = turist trails
       Cyklostezky = cycle lanes
    Fotomapa = photomap
       Stínování = (hill) shading
       Fotografie = photos
       Popisy = labels
       Turistické trasy = turist trails
       Cyklostezky = cycle lanes
    Další mapy = other maps
       Historická 1836-1852 = historic 1836-1852
          Stínování = (hill) shading
          Popisy = labels
       Fotomapa 2002-03 = photomap 2002-03
          Stínování = (hill) shading
          Popisy = labels
          Turistické trasy = turist trails
          Cyklostezky = cycle lanes

    Nápověda = help
    Plánovač trasy = route planner
       Start = start
       Přes = via
       Prohodit = switch
       Cíl = destination
       Hledej = search
       Upřesnit = Specify
           Upřesnění parametrů trasy = Specification of route parameters
               Nejrychlejší cesta = the fastest route
               Nejkratší cesta = the shortest route
               Placené úseky = paid (sections of) routes
               Neplacené úseky = unpaid (sections of) routes

    GPS = GPS
    Měření = measuring
       Měření vzdálenosti = measuring of distance
       Celková vzdálenost = total distance
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    Zakladni is a basic map. Options are: "shading" and "photographs" (looks to be if there are photos linked to the map)
    Turisticka is a tourist map that shows points of interest, hills, etc. Options are: shading, photographs, hiking routes, and bike routes.
    Fotomapa is a satellite photo image. Options are: shading, photos, descriptions, hiking routes, and bike routes.
    Dalsi mapy are historical maps from the two time periods - very cool, actually.
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    hehe :)

    2 hours no response, and then three in one moment :) (I erased my own, wer's is better)
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    Superb, thanks.

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